Disconnection Policy

Disconnect protection is a tool that protects our players if their Internet connection is lost while they are involved in game.

  1. If player become disconnected from our server in the middle of a Poker hand, we protect its bet considering him goes All-In for the amount of play money he currently have in the pot. This protects player's money in the hand as well as allows other players to continue betting.
  2. Disconnect protection is not to used for any other purpose besides a genuine disconnection. Misuse of this policy may result in loss of the disconnect protection privilege, won money, tournament disqualification, or expulsion from the site.
  3. Our software is designed to detect if a player has a genuine disconnection before implementing the disconnect protection to him. Players who try to take an advantage of disconnect protection by deliberately getting 'timed out' will be considered to have folded.
  4. All players must accept the risk of disconnection. Disconnections can and do occur. Just log back on and continue play as quickly as possible. SpartanPoker.org is not responsible for any disconnection occurred with player.
  5. If player is disconnected during a hand and has disconnect protection available, he will be able to play for the part of the pot he has brought money in. The player can win whatever was in the pot at the time of the disconnection.
  6. spartanpokerindia.org reserves the right to change policy and make final decisions on all matters herein at its own discretion. spartanpokerindia.org will inform about policy changes and relevant decisions on its site.


Sit and Go Multi-table tournament game disconnect protection

Disconnect protection is not available in any Sit & Go, Single-Table tournament, Multi-Table tournaments. Your hand will automatically be folded if you lose your connection.

Game cancellation policy

Table games

Players will be refunded the exact amount of chips they had at the time of cancellation.